Processing credit cards

The industry of B2b credit card processing and other B2B payments has grown considerably in the last decade. Being able to manage credit card processing online opens the door for a lot of internet merchant accounts, which make it easy to utilize level 3 processing. This is a form of transactional recordkeeping that includes most corporate credit lines and government issued credit cards. Payment processing companies recognize that there is a big difference between buyers of business services and products, and consumer purchasers of products and services.

This difference is responsible for some serious growth within the industry of payment processing companies. In 2011 alone, one out of every three electronic commerce transactions had been generated for online flight services and travel booking services. This amount of activity is common across several businesses these days. The expected growth rate of American shoppers on the web will result in an overall increase from about 137 million shoppers that were documented in 2010 to close to 175 million shoppers in 2016.

If your organization is going to be a part of that growth of online shoppers, whether in terms of selling to the public or making business to business transactions as simple as possible, you may want to reach out to payment processing companies. Experts at one of these companies can help you transition your business to an online market place that will facilitate your growth into a market that is increasingly reliant upon digital sales.