Moving can be a very labor intensive job, depending on the amount of items that you are transporting. You will want to find many different ways to make the entire process easier, and fortunately most of them will be either cost effective or free to use for your big day. Remember that moving is something that you should get as much help as you can with, whether it be from friends or family, or a moving company, so that you can reduce the amount of stress that you put on yourself physically and mentally. The easier your move, the better you will feel once it is completed.

When you are packing a moving truck, remember to get one that will have enough space. Although multiple trips may be feasible for an intercity move, interstate moves should be kept down to one trip. Finding the right sized truck will mean speaking with the rental company about the square footage they can provide, and of course you will want to know what rates those sizes come in. You will also want to speak with them about any additional tools they might be able to provide, such as a “dolly” for the loading and unloading of heavy furniture and equipment. Some moving companies can provide these for a small fee, or even free of charge.

You should consider loading the heaviest objects into the truck before the others, so that you can get a better idea of how much space you will have when you are moving. Packing in the largest items will also make more sense, as you can put smaller items on top of them. Pads can be used to keep your large furniture from being damaged during the move, and is especially important if you are moving a combination of metal items such as stoves or washing machines and wooden furniture.

Be sure to keep the load balanced when you are moving, as it will keep the vehicle safe. Regardless of whether you are using a moving truck or a van, a balanced load will reduce the chance of the vehicle tipping over one way or the other when you are on the road. Finally, be sure to mark all fragile items appropriately and keep them out of the way in the event that items move or shift while you are moving to avoid damage or breakage during transport.