Whether you’re a professional farmer or just a casual gardener, you know that outdoor plants are vulnerable. Fortunately, the helpful folks behind 7activestudio have created this informative video on the subject of crop protection.

To learn more about crop protection, see their video on the topic and read on for more information.

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What is Crop Protection? Crop protection is any measure that is employed to protect crop plants from any of the numerous natural hazards to plants. The most well-known hazards to crop plants are Insects, Weeds and invasive plant species, Inclement weather, and Precipitation.

Insects that threaten plants will either eat them or lay their eggs in them, damaging the plant. Insects breed rapidly and can be difficult to remove.

Weeds can absorb nutrients your crops need, compete with crops for sunlight, and even strangle crop plants. Excessive rain, snow, ice, and extreme heat can damage plants as well.

Anything you can do that successfully mitigates these and other hazards to your crops meet the definition of crop protection. It is a simple concept, but a complex endeavor due to the fact that the dangers to crop plants are many and varied.

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