Are you thinking about dry cleaning some of your clothes? Have you ever wondered how you might benefit from doing so? The video lays out in a straightforward way some of the advantages of using dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning uses chemical solvents to remove soil and stains from fabrics. Dry cleaning has a number of advantages over water-based washing.

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The first is that dry cleaning can tackle germs precisely because it includes multi-layered heating that kills most organisms in the fabric. Dry cleaning also dissolves grease and oil in a way that water cannot. Dry cleaning can also clean natural fibers such as silks and wools without shrinkage, distortion, or loss of color.

You should also know that dry cleaning maintains the color and texture of your fabrics much better than a conventional washing machine and tumble dryer. Colors tend to bleed and fade when washed again and again in water. Finally, dry cleaning can deep clean your clothes to rid them of stains and soil, and the process is gentler on your fabrics. You should always look at the label on your clothes to see whether or not dry cleaning is required. Now you know the many advantages of using this process.