On the YouTube Channel WebFX in their video “How to Pick A Digital Marketing Agency” they discuss five tips to find the best agency for your business. A digital marketing agency handles online marketing and advertising. They can help you with SEO, content marketing, social media, ROI, customer relations, and web design. Some local digital marketing agencies are full-service agencies.

Start by visiting their website and investigating their online presence.

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Where are they listed in search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing? Check out their social media sites to see how often they post and the quality of their posts. Second, read reviews of their services by customers on their site and other sites that rate agencies.

Ask them for the names of customers to whom you can talk. When you contact them, how long does it take them to get back to you? This can determine how efficient and organized they are. Evaluate the transparency of the local digital marketing agencies by finding out how they work. Do they have a project manager and reporting methods that keep you informed of what they are doing?

Ask questions to find out if they provide the services that are right for you. These are the steps to finding the right local digital marketing agency for your small, medium, or large business.