Are you recently engaged or are you just in the mood to plan your wedding early on? There are so many things you have to choose when planning your wedding. From the food to the dresses to the decor to the wedding venue, there is a lot you have to choose from in a little amount of time. Researching event venues in your area to find the perfect one for you and your loved one to start forever with each other is difficult. But, in this video, an expert will help you decide which wedding venue to choose for your big day.

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When you are choosing a wedding venue, you should keep your guests in mind. You should think about how many guests are coming and where they are coming from. You want to make sure that you choose a wedding venue that isn’t too far from everyone so that your guests can make it to the wedding. You should also keep in mind whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony and reception.

Watch this entire video to learn all about how you can choose the right wedding venue for your special day.