This video gives an interesting lesson about custom t-shirts and how the viewers can turn the t-shirts they already own into exciting pieces of apparel.

Step one is to lay the t-shirt on the counter or table and cut the collar off of it. The second part is to draw a line from the armpit to the corner of the sleeve at the top and then cut where the line is. The individual should then do the other sleeve the same way.

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The cutoff collar can be used as an accessory, such as a bracelet. It can also be used as a hairband that matches the t-shirt. Furthermore, one of the cutoff sleeves can be used to tie a knot at the bottom of the shirt for fashion. Finally, the t-shirt will be easier to accessorize after the collar comes off. The person wearing it can buy a chunky necklace to wear with it, for example. They can also expose much more of the shoulders with the t-shirt cut the new way.

The tips in the video are great for making a bland outfit much more exciting. They can bring a t-shirt outfit out to its full potential.