In this video, you will learn about a surveillance tower. The Stingray is a type of surveillance system that is commonly used by law enforcement. The Stingray is a cell-site simulator. It was first developed for military use.

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It has made its way into local law enforcement. It can track a person down to the room they’re in if they have their cell phone on them. Our cell phones are tracking devices. They are constantly vomiting signals. As The Stingray has advanced, it has become capable of tracking the number you are messaging, retrieving your text messages, and locating you using GPS technology. Cell phones are always trying to connect to nearby cell towers. The Stingray tricks the cell phone into thinking it is the nearest cell tower. Calls are passed onto the nearest cell tower, and then the data is scooped up. The Stingray cannot be used without collecting data from other innocent people. With The Stingray, secrecy is part of the deal. There is a lot to know about The Stingray. For more information, keep watching this video.