If you are interested in how a garage door company makes a garage door then this video is for you. A lot of material goes into a typical garage door and at least four panels go into it. According to the video, a garage door begins with either aluminum or steel, two metals that can tolerate harsh climates.

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The whole production process is amazing as the metal sheets start by passing through rollers that imprint a texture such as simulated wood grain. It then goes through a press that imprints a design.
The next step is a combo of two automated machines. One cuts the continuous sheet into precise measurements and the other machine folds over the edges. Many homeowners prefer garage doors made from solid wood or solid bars. The preference for this material is because hardwood is resistant to moisture and rot. Warping is also prevented from this type of hardwood. Making garage doors usually takes a few factors into consideration, such as the purpose and size of automobiles to be accommodated. The garage door operating mechanism is usually spring-loaded to counteract the offset of the weight of the garage door. Many homeowners prefer insulated garage doors to prevent heat loss. In this video, you will find how it’s all made.