Summer is just over the horizon and if you’re looking to make it a blast for your summer campers or even just your kids, have we got some games for you. Thanks to the folks at Ministry Coach, whose video you can watch below, we have a couple of super fun games for your day camps, day care, day school events, lake days, field days or what have you!

One particularly fun game they teach is Leader Hunt. This game doesn’t require any materials, but feel free to wear some costumes if you want.

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You basically need to hide your leaders around the area and the small groups then hunt for them.

Once found, the leaders can give them a check on their scavenger list, but don’t make it so that they just have to find them. Have your leaders give the groups a challenge! It’s like a scavenger hunt, but much more interactive. This is definitely a game you’re going to want to have your kids play at summer camp.

Some great challenges might be to:

  • Have the kids do a human knot! If you’re angling for a team building game, this is a great mini-team building game to incorporate into it.
  • Have the kids sing a camp song as loud as they can! This one is particularly great to help others find the leader to make it a bit easier if your kids are on the younger side.
  • Give the kids a riddle! This challenge would be especially cool if the leader is dressed like a sphinx, because you could then get educational and teach them about the story of Theseus.

Leader hunt is just one of the many awesome games you can have your kids play at summer camp. To find out more awesome games for your summer camp, just check out the video above!