In this YouTube video, Stockpile Reports explores aggregate businesses and why they are so important. Everywhere there are human beings, an aggregate business exists. An aggregate business is the same thing as a sand and gravel company.

Sand and gravel are foundational raw materials found in society.

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Aggregates are essential for maintaining land, construction, roadways, and more. Running an aggregate business requires significant positioning and strategy.

The first key is to find a supplier with a good quality aggregate. The second is the ability to comply with the regulatory requirements of the local area. The third key is to source good land near local civil construction projects to reduce travel times during delivery.

Extracting the material requires a plant, a place to stack and store the sand and gravel, along with the machinery necessary to move the sand and gravel around. Usually, the equipment needed includes bull-dozers, cat machines, and sometimes a crane.

Financing options for beginning one of these types of businesses will vary significantly based on the business model proposed, the revenue sources projected, and the availability of locally sourced and qualified employees.