In this YouTube video, National RV Training Academy discusses whether graduates can make a living by providing mobile RV service as a mobile RV technician. Many people choose to live an RV lifestyle, traveling in their RVs and camp trailers around the nation. RV breakdowns do not always happen in convenient locations, prompting the need for mobile RV technicians.

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National RV Training Academy provides significant hands-on training for its students and offers courses that last five weeks. Students can use this training to go out into the field. Alternately, some find working part-time or full-time at an RV repair shop furthers their skills after graduation.

New technicians can find leads using internet searches, social media, networking with RV parks, and erecting an SEO-rich website for those who need immediate assistance. New technicians benefit from maximizing online channels by filling out social media profile information, business page fields, adding current pictures, staying up-to-date with customer reviews, responding to customer inquiries, and actively asking for referrals.

Many graduates have gone on to develop their skills and become full-time mobile RV inspectors or technicians. National RV Training Academy offers training for both.