Mobile workforce solutions

Recent research found that, in the United States, more than 230 million people over the age of 13 use a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. While there are several factors that contribute to that trend, including the ability to keep up with friends on social media and even shop while on the go, many adults are using them to complete work projects and tasks from anywhere. In fact, a Consumer Intelligence Research Partners survey of more than 1,000 consumers found that 20% will use their new iPad for business purposes. So mobile devices have a very real and high significant role in today’s work environment.

Many businesses use bring your own device
(BYOD) models to help make it possible for employees to use smartphones and tablets to access vital information and work on projects from more places than just the office. In the competitive marketplace of today, that flexibility could make the difference between success and failure. However, without a proper iPhone management plan, BYOD could be risk. Mobile device management programs, that might include SaaS and on premise models, are crucial when it comes to protecting important information.

One of the biggest problems that workers might have with their devices, beyond needing security from hackers, is that phones are easily lost or broken. In fact, a study done by Plaxo found that nearly 20% of people actually drop their phone in the toilet. When that happens, it can be difficult to recover lost data. As a result, many iPhone management plans depend on cloud-based architecture that can store information and be accessed by multiple devices.

Generally, businesses will want to use one security plan to cover all of the devices that their employees use so that data is always effectively protected. In order to do that, they will likely have to develop encryption and authentication protocols that ensure employee compliance with the security requirements a company has. One employee not sticking to security standards could be problematic, so owners and managers will want to make sure that tablet and iPhone security is always consistent.

Efficiency is a must for businesses who are looking to thrive, and getting work done while out of the office is often vital for employees who want to complete projects as efficiently as possible. BYOD programs make that possible, but security can be a concern and breaches could cost millions. So if a business wants to take advantage of BYOD, they will have to be sure to invest in comprehensive iPhone management plans.