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Did you know that the practice of showering a newly married couple with rise has different equivalents in other countries? In fact, nearly every culture has showered couples with symbolic food. For example, Sicilians throw salt and bread, the French throw wheat, the Romans and Greeks threw nuts and dates, and the English throw pieces of cake!

It’s always very interesting to hear about where wedding traditions came from, like how the expression “to tie the knot” comes from an ancient Babylonian custom where threads from the bride and groom’s clothes were tied together to symbolize their union. Another example: the Old French word “banquet” is the likely source of the English term that means feast or celebratory meal, is derived from Old French “banc” or “bench” and refers to the long bench seats that were originally used in banquet halls.

Such tradition even dictates the usual baby shower locations. These are usually up to the hostess, a friend or family member of the mother-to-be, and not up to the expecting mother. These baby shower locations are traditionally at a venue other than the expecting-mother’s home, which according to Kidspot, a parental info resource, the mother-to-be “avoids having to be involved in the preparation, organisation and responsibility for the day-and, best of all, she also gets out of clean-up duty.”

The traditional baby shower locations are usually at the hostess’s home. This allows she or he to have more control while hosting the party, as well as encouraging others who might be more shy to get involved in things because of the intimate atmosphere. Plus, because of these traditional baby shower locations, catering and alcohol restrictions are removed.

There are also alternative baby shower locations as well. These go hand in hand with “Jack and Jill” showers, which are for couples. These are becoming increasingly popular and can take on many forms. Some alternative baby shower locations are at royal banquet hall rentals, outdoors, country wedding venues, a restaurant, a church hall, or even at a hotel!

Marriage is a wonderful thing. So wonderful in fact that according to a 2010 study, it reduced criminal behavior in high-risk males by 35%. Steeped in tradition, such associated aspects, like baby shower locations, are often times predictated, but there are alternative solutions, like cheap banquet halls. If you have any questions about these baby shower locations, or you have any other alternative baby shower locations, feel free to leave them in the comments! Find more.