Marijuana addiction treament

In a 2009 survey, 28.5 million Americans over age 12 have abused marijuana in the previous year according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. That equates to approximately 11.5 percent of all Americans that have smoked marijuana in the past year. Marijuana addiction is a problem for a lot of those people, but help with marijuana treatment exists.

Digging down into the numbers, nearly 6000 people use marijuana for the first time in the U.S. on an ongoing basis. While they are potentially at risk of drug related charges, many find the addictive qualities of marijuana enticing and a completely different experience when compared to alcohol and cocaine. To understand cannabis treatment, you may have to look at it differently.

The cannabis plants can be effectively and discretely grown in pretty much any ecosystem, while averaging an inch or two of daily growth, depending on the conditions. These plants can reach up to a height of nearly 18 feet. Part of the problem that marijuana addiction has to face is the availability of the drug. Since you could marijuana in nearly any place indoors or out, there can be a thriving market available to those determined to find it.

To step away from pot addiction and the associated lifestyle, you have to understand how this particular addiction works and what best combats it. It was not always looked at as a bad plant. For example, those in ancient China used cannabis seeds as a food source at around 6000 B.C. In 2737 B.C. it has been known to be used as a medicinal drug for treatment of gout and rheumatism for the Chinese emperor Shen Nung. Today, there are medical dispensaries for marijuana in cities across the U.S.

This prevalence and potential for legitimate marijuana prescriptions increases the odds of facing addiction. There is a mainstreamed subculture that has embraced pot use but, you can kick the marijuana dependence through systematic marijuana treatment. Read more blogs like this.