Spicy guacamole dip

When you’re having a party, sometimes its okay to break away from the traditional appetizers and slip into something a little more spicy. That’s when it’s time to kick things up by using recipes with guacamole. Your friends and family will rave over this colorful, scrumptious hors d’oeuvres that can be served warm or nice and chilled. Remember to use fresh, organic ingredients when making guacamole to get the full flavor and satisfaction.

When you want to wow your guests with a nice guac dip, or any recipes with guacamole for that matter, you need to use the right ingredients. There are a host of online recipe sites that can provide in depth directions and information for preparing this green hued treat. For those that want to learn how to make their own recipes with guacamole, consider perusing others’ recipes to find out if you can augment it or improve upon someone else’s recipes with guacamole.

There are even social media sites online that are dedicated to recipes, as well as forums, blogs and more where people can go to find out more about recipes with guacamole. For those who may be unfamiliar with the food, there are even online video tutorials that describe it for those who ask, “what is guacamole.”

Begin to make recipes with guacamole by finding all the right ingredients. Fresh avocados are the first place to start, as they are the key ingredients. Avocados should be firm and dark and when picking them out at the grocery store or market, buyers should press the climacteric fruit (meaning a fruit that ripens on the tree) with gentle force. If the avocado is too hard it will taste bitter. Too soft and it will not have a fresh taste. When choosing the right avocado for recipes using guacamole it must first feel right in order to taste right.

Other fresh ingredients for making classic guacamole recipes or fresh guacamole dips are needed. They include garlic, onions, tomatoes and sometimes hot peppers if making spicy guacamole dip. If you want your recipes with guacamole to be a little more tame, try using bell peppers instead. These other ingredients will help bring out the noticeable taste of the guacamole dip or recipe being made. Find the most fresh ingredients when making this delicious food.

In order to liven up the flavor of your recipes with guacamole, add fresh herbs and flavorings such as lime or lemon juice, cilantro, chili powder and other favorites. Now you have all the necessary ingredients. Pit your avocados and mash it in a bowl, stir in the rest of your diced, chopped or ground ingredients and taste periodically until you like the flavor of your fresh tasting recipes with guacamole.

Whichever recipes you make, remember that refrigeration is key before serving, unless you are serving it immediately after making it. Leftovers should also be sealed and stored in the fridge, but note that recipes with guacamole usually last but 24-48 hours before browning. A couple of squirts of lemon or lime juice will preserve the food and prevent browning.