How to find a good daycare

Whether you are a single parent or you and your partner both work full time, you are probably worried about child care. Here are a few of the most important reasons that you should try to find employer provided child care while you are trying to find out how to find a daycare in your area.

1. According recently aggregated national statistics, more than 80 percent of children spend at least some time in day care by the time they reach the age of four. This is one of the reasons that choosing childcare that is best for the development of your children is so important.

2. Did you know that, on average, a four year old child asks an astounding 437 questions a day? Make sure that you keep the importance of early childhood education when you are selecting a daycare for your children.

3. According to recently released government statistics, more than 20 percent of working parents employ multiple arrangements for childcare. These statistics also show that this is a trend that does not show signs of decreasing in the next few years. One of the ways that employers are seeking to help with this is through the implementation of corporate childcare solutions.

4. In the United States, about 90 percent of the cost of child care is assumed by parents but when looking for how to find a daycare, employers with onsite daycare often cover some of the cost.

5. Corporate sponsored child care has been shown to increase employee loyalty, decrease the length of time spent on maternity leaves, and improves on job concentration. Having their children close and knowing that they are being cared for by professionals helps employees to let go of some of the worry over their children that they would other wise have. More like this article.