Wheelchair lift virginia

Wheelchair ramps are a crucial part of daily life for the over one million Americans currently using wheelchairs. At its most basic level, a ramp is just an inclined plane that can be utilized instead of stairs. But on a deeper level, wheelchair lifts and ramps represent the ability of our society to elevate those whose needs are completely different than our own.

Equipping a car or van with lifts for handicapped riders is an easy way to help out. A powered lift is likely the most accessible option for handicapped riders, but there are other options, too. A wheelchair ramp will provide a less expensive option, though it may not have the support you need. No matter the on-the-go option, handicap accessible vehicles allow handicapped riders to get to their destinations without hassle.

While portable wheelchair ramps can get you far, motorized lifts are an essential aspect for homes with two floors. Stair lifts, sometimes call chair lifts or stair gliders, allow a handicapped person to ascend to the second floor without having to climb up the actual steps. These amazing machines truly give the power back to the people as they are no longer limited in their mobility, even when it comes to elevation changes.

Getting stair lifts for handicapped homeowners can help alleviate the burden of having to remain on the bottom floor. In fact, the history of the device supports this. The first prototype of the stair lift was built in the 1920s by a self-taught engineer who wanted to help a friend. Lifts for handicapped individuals, whether they are for car transport or home accessibility, allow for maximum mobility like never before.

Speaking of history, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 was enacted by Congress in order to fight discrimination based on disability. Because of this, storefronts are now supposed to have ramps in order to accommodate those who use wheelchairs. This benefits anyone in a wheelchair because it has helped to expand the use of lifts for handicapped people both in the home and in the car.

Whether you use wheelchair stair lifts for handicapped people or a simple ramp for easy access, the ADA was put in place to protect you. Your rights were the ones they had in mind. Today, more than 20 years later, you reap the benefits each time you use any lifts for handicapped individuals just be being yourself. Read more.