Rochester yellow pages

Have you ever seen someone perform the impressive party trick of ripping a Rochester Yellow Pages book in half?

It involves creating a crease at the middle of the top of a closed phone book, by folding it toward and away from yourself several times. Once there is a substantial fold to get you started, you can easily tear through the hundreds of pages of the book at the top. Once you have cut through the top, ripping through the remainder of the Rochester Yellow Pages can be done with little effort.

Before you go around imitating the Incredible Hulk at parties, take a second to peruse the yellow pages, because it is a fine resource to get in touch with all of the best Rochester, NY businesses.

Any service you could ever need is awaiting you within the Rochester yellow pages. Find the phone numbers of all of your favorite stores within the Marketplace mall rochester has to offer. Find out which Wegmans Rochester location is closest to you if you are running low on food in the cupboards.

The contacts for the Rochester Business Alliance (the chamber of commerce of Rochester) will aid you in networking your business, or putting you in contact with people who can help your local business get off the ground. The Rochester business journal is also listed in the Rochester yellow pages, who you can get in touch with if you wish to advertise through their website, or publication.

Most people today use search engines such as Google to find local businesses they are looking to contact, but what would you do if your internet went out? It is a smart idea to keep a Rochester Yellow Pages handy, because its service never ceases. Unless, of course, you want to show off your strength after a couple beers and end up ripping it in half, but you may come to regret that decision when you need to find a business listing and cannot because your internet service is not working!