Powder processing near boston

As with many scientific subjects, the relatively esoteric field of particle size distribution is, obviously, foreign to the typical laymen on the street. However, particle size distribution services are essential to companies who disperse powder or granular material in liquids, as well as to most consumers of their products. After undergoing cryogenic grinding in Massachusetts, particle size distribution allows the definition of the amount of a granular substance, such as powdered metal, that is present in fluid. Particle size distribution services usually determine this by measuring mass in relation to size.

Particle size distribution companies are needed after a specified material is ground, and has been sent through a sifter machine. This process is referred to sieve analysis, and is merely one of the measuring techniques employed by particle size distribution services. Other forms of granular measurement include air elutriation analysis, electroresistance counting, laser diffraction, photoanalysis, optical counting measures, and ultrasound attenuation.

Although particle size distribution may seem arcane to most people, it actually serves a purpose that is valuable to the typical person on a daily basis. For instance, particle size distribution services make it possible to measure the amount of vitamins and minerals in our beverages, as well as the amount of medicine that is present in liquid medications. Of course, particle size distribution is used for many other purposes, but these are two uses to which most people can relate.