There are plenty of websites on the web which allow users to review dentists at their leisure. Although this is a great service (and, to some, a necessary one), what good does it do to read dentist reviews without a working criteria by which to judge the critique of a dental office?

Choosing the right dentist for you or your family is so important. You need to know that you can trust your dentists abilities, as well as feel comfortable with him or her. For many, the experience of going to the dentist can be one of anxiety, worry and high levels of stress.

In fact, many Americans report having an irrational fear of going to the dentist. There are certain traits, however, in a dentist which people are able to judge in order to decide whether or not their dentist is a good dentist. Allow the following criteria to act as a working language when we review dentists.

1. Impressive Manual Dexterity. As you review dentists, make sure you outline whether or not your dentist has the most valuable skill of a dentist…the ability to perform dental surgeries and operations with skill, precision and accuracy. A practitioner of oral health must have the wherewithal and talent to manage large tools in a small space (a localized area of a single tooth). This, above all else should be taken into account when we review dentists.

2. A Sharp Eye. Visual perceptual ability is a crucial aspect to consider when we review dentists. An excellent dentist will be able to visualize a tooth, inside and out. Keep an eye out for how your dentist is able to perceive things. A good test of this would be to give him an impromptu eye test. Ask him what color a far off object is, or what shape.

3. Details, Details, Details. As we review dentists, we need to be able to feel confidently that they pay close attention to details. The Washington Post reported that dentists are responsible for noticing many serious health conditions during their routine six month exams. Dentists are able to detect signs of diseases such as leukemia, cancer, bulimia, kidney disease, among an array of others.

4. Social Skills. The personality of a dentist can make all the difference. When it comes time for us to review dentists, this is often the most discussed characteristic. A dentist who takes the time to talk with us and express his concern for our health and well being will make us feel much more comfortable when it comes time to operate.

5. Dentistry is Not a Popularity Contest. The most successful or popular practice does not always mean the best practice. It could just mean the dentist is a good businessman. When we review dentists, how many people are patients of a given practice should not be taken into consideration, unless it is listed in combination with all of the traits I have just laid out.

Any other tips or considerations to take into account when we review dentists? List them in the comments box below!