Breast augmentation in tampa fl

Since 1962 when Timmie Jean Lindsey became the first women to have breast implants, which were silicone, the popularity of the surgery has continued to grow. With more than 307,000 surgeries for breast augmentation occurring in 2011, it is no wonder Tampa breast augmentation continues to be a popular procedure. The first step in this process is a consultation with a surgeon that is trained in breast augmentation tampa FL. At the present time there are two types of breast implants Tampa that are used.

Silicon and saline are the two types of Tampa breast implants available to patients who desire a Tampa breast augmentation. During the consultation with the doctor, the woman’s medical history will be fully explored. In addition, the surgeon will complete a thorough examination of the woman. This information will help her doctor decide which type of breast implants tampa FL are the best ones for a particular woman.

Many of life’s experiences can result in alterations in the appearance of the breasts and make women think about Tampa breast implants. Childbirth, weigh gains and losses and simply aging are only a few of examples of these types of life events that can result in dramatic changes in the appearance of the breasts. In many cases, these issues can be addressed by a Tampa breast augmentation.

Although the breast tissue of both women and men is the same embryologically, when a woman’s body begins producing estrogen during puberty, their breast tissue becomes enlarged while a man’s does not. Providing the necessary support and comfort for women, whether or not they choose Tampa breast augmentation, can be found, at least in part, in the $16 billion that is annually spent on bras. Choosing a bra that is well fitting and supportive can make a significant difference in the comfort and health of a woman. For this reason, all women should be professionally fitted for a bra at least once in her lifetime. Read more like this.