Micro greens

We eat edible flowers all the time. Broccoli, cauliflower, capers, and artichokes are all flowers, and all fruit were flowers at some point. Smaller edible flowers, like sugar flowers, can be eaten on their own or with another dish. Sugar flowers, crystalized flowers, and other flowers can be used on salads, as tea garnish, or to make a cocktail distinctive.

Sugar flowers and other flower crystals belong to microgreens, the seedlings of edible herbs and vegetables. Microgreens are grown in either soil or a soil substitute, such as peat moss or another fibrous material. When grown properly, they can even be kept refrigerated for five to seven days. Of course, growing micro herbs, micro greens and sugar flowers is highly specialized work that can take years of training.

Sugar flowers and micro herbs make a distinctive addition to any dish or beverage. Whether as accents for salads, garnishes for tea or cocktails, or decor for deserts, microgreens and edible flowers liven up any palette. So the next time you have access to specialty produce, be sure to look for micro greens and what they can offer you. After all, they always make for a unique and tasty compliment to any dish. More like this article: www.freshorigins.com