Best Summer Camp Games To Play This Year

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Summer is just over the horizon and if you’re looking to make it a blast for your summer campers or even just your kids, have we got some games for you. Thanks to the folks at Ministry Coach, whose video you can watch below, we have a couple of super fun games for your day camps, day care, day school events, lake days, field days or what have you!

One particularly fun game they teach is Leader Hunt. This game doesn’t require any materials, but feel free to wear some costumes if you want.

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You basically need to hide your leaders around the area and the small groups then hunt for them.

Once found, the leaders can give them a check on their scavenger list, but don’t make it so that they just have to find them. Have your leaders give the groups a challenge! It’s like a scavenger hunt, but much more interactive. This is definitely a game you’re going to want to have your kids play at summer camp.

Some great challenges might be to:

  • Have the kids do a human knot! If you’re angling for a team building game, this is a great mini-team building game to incorporate into it.
  • Have the kids sing a camp song as loud as they can! This one is particularly great to help others find the leader to make it a bit easier if your kids are on the younger side.
  • Give the kids a riddle! This challenge would be especially cool if the leader is dressed like a sphinx, because you could then get educational and teach them about the story of Theseus.

Leader hunt is just one of the many awesome games you can have your kids play at summer camp. To find out more awesome games for your summer camp, just check out the video above!

The Life of a mobile RV Technician

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In this YouTube video, National RV Training Academy discusses whether graduates can make a living by providing mobile RV service as a mobile RV technician. Many people choose to live an RV lifestyle, traveling in their RVs and camp trailers around the nation. RV breakdowns do not always happen in convenient locations, prompting the need for mobile RV technicians.

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National RV Training Academy provides significant hands-on training for its students and offers courses that last five weeks. Students can use this training to go out into the field. Alternately, some find working part-time or full-time at an RV repair shop furthers their skills after graduation.

New technicians can find leads using internet searches, social media, networking with RV parks, and erecting an SEO-rich website for those who need immediate assistance. New technicians benefit from maximizing online channels by filling out social media profile information, business page fields, adding current pictures, staying up-to-date with customer reviews, responding to customer inquiries, and actively asking for referrals.

Many graduates have gone on to develop their skills and become full-time mobile RV inspectors or technicians. National RV Training Academy offers training for both.

Which Self Storage Company is Right for Me?

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Today, the choices can seem endless for those looking at self storage companies. However, Extra Space Storage gives some simple tips to ensure you find the right company for your storage needs in this video. First, you should consider what you are storing.

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Depending on the answer, your options will vary. Those storing furniture, electronics, or appliances may need to consider climate-controlled storage options. Those looking to store a vehicle or business documents will need to find business storage or vehicle storage options. After deciding what type of storage you need, you should think about the location of the facility. Your need to access your items will be a major factor in this decision. While getting a location close to your home may be ideal, you should also consider how secure the location is. Lastly, you should think about the cost. The video also offers several points to consider when looking into the price of self storage companies such as if they offer insurance, or have any promotions available. You should also look into the company’s cancellation or late fee policies. If you follow these tips, you are sure to find the perfect self-storage company in no time.