Patents help protect the intellectual property of inventors. That way, no one else can copy it. The inventor is the only one who can make it, sell it, or use it for 20 years. For example, say there’s a patent for a new wood preservative. It helps keep wood from rotting and getting all crumbly.

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This particular patent has a fancy gold seal, a red ribbon, and a cool blue stripe.


The US Patent and Trademark Office signed and issued it. Inside the patent, there’s important information about the invention, like who invented it and how it works. You’ll also find details about why it’s much better than other wood preservatives. Patents also come with drawings or diagrams, think of them as blueprints for your invention. They show exactly how it works, step by step.

The most important part is the claims section. It details what makes the invention unique and better. If someone breaks the rules of a patent, it’s an infringement and they can get sued in court. That’s why a software patent law firm is so important. They help inventors get these patents, so their ideas are protected.


With a patent in hand, you can sleep easy knowing nobody can swoop in and claim your invention as their own. Plus, they can open doors to partnerships, investments, and even fame and fortune. Now that you know all about them, why not join the ranks of the world’s greatest innovators? This video helps you understand the role of patents – watch it for more information.