Medical dermatologists see patients with all sorts of skin problems, from common ones like pimples and eczema to rare ones. They team up with their patients to create a plan to treat these conditions. Cosmetic dermatologists, on the other hand, focus on helping people who aren’t happy with how their skin looks. That could be anything from wrinkles and fine lines to uneven skin tones.


Usually, a cosmetic dermatologist will suggest skincare routines or procedures to address your specific concerns. Cosmetic dermatologist services include all sorts of treatments to make your skin look its best. In some cases, a dermatologist will use lasers, chemical peels, or injections.

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Cosmetic dermatology isn’t just about fixing problems, it’s also about preventing them.


By taking good care of your skin and getting treatments, you can stop wrinkles and other aging signs. You may wonder if cosmetic dermatology is safe, but you can relax because it is. They use safe and tested treatments that have been proven to work. But it isn’t one-size-fits-all. What works for one person might not work for another.


That’s why it’s important to talk to a doctor before diving into any treatments. They’ll help you decide the best plan for your skin. Whether you want to zap away wrinkles or a little pick-me-up, cosmetic dermatology has your back. Watch this video to get a good idea of how it works. It’s time to let your skin shine.