Vehicle customization is a popular concept amongst car enthusiasts. For example, according to GlobeNewswire, the car aftermarket industry is worth around $288 billion. But, customization is not limited to aftermarket parts only; you can modify any part and feature of your car, as long as you have the money and a good imagination. So, if you want to modify your ride this summer, below are some cool car customization ideas you can try.

1. Customize the Lights

Modifying or upgrading your vehicle’s lights is one of the top car customization ideas you can try this summer. And such modifications can offer you many benefits, including improved visibility, enhanced safety on the road, and a more enjoyable driving experience. On top of that, some light upgrades can improve the look and style of your car, making it more appealing.

One of the top upgrades you can make when modifying your car lights is to switch to LED or HID headlights if your vehicle still uses the old halogen models. LED and HID lights can offer several benefits, the top one being improving visibility and, consequently, your safety while on the road. On top of that, these headlights produce a sleek-looking light beam, which gives your car a sleek and futuristic look.

Smart headlights are another one of the coolest car customization ideas you can try to spruce up your light. And one of the top examples of smart headlights you can try is the adaptive headlight system, which automatically turns on your lights or increases and reduces the intensity as needed. You can also modify your car with obstacle-detecting headlights, such as those that use lidar technology, thus reducing your risk of getting into a car crash.

Daytime running lights are another excellent idea when customizing your car’s lights. These are fitted on your headlights and stay on when the car is running, thus providing constant visibility. According to a study published by ScienceDirect, this is an important safety feature that can reduce the risk of getting into a car crash by up to 8.8%. And as a bonus, the improved safety can also reduce your premiums with your local auto insurance provider.

Besides the headlights, you can also use lights in several other ways to customize your car. For example, you can install LED strip lights in the interior, improving your car’s comfort and looks. You can also install underglow lights on your car, making it more visible at night and adding to its appeal.

2. Install Aftermarket Parts

Replacing your vehicle’s OEM parts with aftermarket ones is another one of the coolest car customization ideas you can try this summer. You can install various aftermarket parts that offer many benefits, including improved performance, fuel efficiency, and road safety. Other parts can also help to make your car look cooler and more appealing.

Upgrading the suspension system is one of the top aftermarket modifications you can make to your vehicle. And you can find several aftermarket suspension parts like coilovers, shocks & struts, sway bars, lowering springs, and air suspension systems. These parts can offer several benefits, from improved stability, performance, and comfort. However, for maximum safety, only use high-quality suspension parts intended for your vehicle; for example, you should purchase Mercedes parts specific to your Mercedes model.

Another cool car customization idea is to use aftermarket parts to improve your engine performance. For example, you can install an aftermarket air intake system, which can improve the airflow to your engine, thus leading to improved performance, better fuel efficiency, and a more aggressive engine sound. Turbochargers are also another excellent idea you can try, which can improve your engine’s horsepower and torque, leading to improved performance and speeds.

Lastly, you can customize your car by installing aftermarket safety features, thus improving your safety on the road. For example, you can install a backup camera, offering improved safety when reversing or parking your car. You can also install blind spot monitoring features like side mirror cameras and lidar and radar sensors at the front and back of your car, thus increasing your awareness on the road.

However, when installing aftermarket parts, you should note that they can affect your car’s safety; according to Men’s Gear, they can increase your risk of a crash by up to 27%. Furthermore, some insurance companies can void your cover if you have modified your car with aftermarket parts, which can be tricky if you get into an accident. Therefore, ensure that your insurance policy covers your modifications, and if possible, hire a good car accident lawyer in the event of an accident.

3. Customize Your Windows

Modifying your window can offer many benefits, from improving your car’s appearance to enhancing interior comfort. On top of that, some window upgrades can even improve your vehicle’s safety and security. Therefore, windows are another crucial part to focus on when looking for car customization ideas for your ride.

Of course, one of the top window customization ideas you can try for your vehicle this summer is to install a tint film. Hiring a window tint service can significantly improve your vehicle’s style and privacy. On top of that, according to Car and Driver, tinted windows can block up to 40% of the sun’s heat, thus helping your car’s interior to stay cooler in the hot weather. On top of that, they are vital in blocking harmful UV rays, thus increasing your skin protection.

Installing power windows is another cool modification to try if you own an older vehicle model with manual windows. Of course, the greatest benefit of power windows is their convenience, as you can easily roll them down and up as needed. However, they can also improve your car’s safety by reducing distractions when driving; you don’t have to look away from the road to operate power windows. On top of that, you can easily control all the windows from the driver’s side door, which can be an excellent safety feature if you have kids in the back seat.

There are several other window customizations you can consider for your car. For example, you can install break-in resistance, shatter-proof, and even bulletproof windows. However, you must ensure that any modification you make is legal to avoid getting into trouble with the authority. You could also hire an auto inspection service if you’re unsure about the legality of your modifications. This can save you from situations like tickets and heavy fines from police stops or, worse, your car failing periodic inspections by state authorities.

4. Customize the Body

Upgrading your car’s body is one of the top car customization ideas you can try this summer. And since the body is the most conspicuous part of the car, the modification you make can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your car. On top of that, they can offer several other benefits, such as increasing your car’s body protection from the elements and improving the structural integrity of its body panels.

A new paint job is one of the top ways to customize your car. And the best part is that you can choose from a wide range of custom paint colors that give your car a unique personality and make it stand out. You can also customize your car by painting specific parts, for example, stripes on the hood, rooftop, side panels, and trunk. However, when painting your car, you should know that some colors can affect your car’s resale value: according to iSeeCars, colors like black, gold, and brown can lose up to $10,000 in three years.

Apart from painting, vinyl wraps are another one of the coolest car customization ideas you can try this summer. They can allow you to change your car’s appearance (with a differently colored vinyl wrap) without investing in a new paint job, which is both expensive and permanent. And as a bonus, vinyl wraps will help to protect your vehicle paint job and the body panels from the elements and damages from car wash, road gravel, insects, road salt, small impacts, and scratches.

Lastly, you can modify your car by installing custom grille and bumper guards. First, these can help to improve your car’s look and style. Secondly, they can protect vital parts of your car like the headlights, radiator, and bumper. This can help keep your auto body repair costs low after a crash.

5. Customize the Wheels and Tires

Modifying the wheels and tires is another excellent way to customize your car this summer. Of course, the right wheels and tire upgrades can greatly improve your vehicle’s performance, stability, and safety. On top of that, wheel and tire modifications can enhance your car’s aesthetic, making it more stunning.

Replacing your OEM wheels with aftermarket ones is one of the top car customization ideas you can try. And the best part is that you can choose from several different wheels, for example, larger and wider wheels that offer better traction, thus increasing your car’s stability and handling. You could also choose from different wheel materials and designs, such as steel, forged, aluminum, and wire wheels, which can help improve your car’s look and style.

Apart from replacing the wheels, you can also customize your existing ones by painting them. For example, you can paint intricate designs on your car’s wheels through hydro dipping and powder coating techniques. This can give your car wheels and tires a newer and pristine look that will be the envy of other drivers and onlookers when you’re on the road.

Replacing your tires is another top idea you can use to customize your car. And you can install several types of tires in your vehicle, from performance to off-road, summer, and winter tires. These tires can offer benefits like better performance, speed, handling, and safety. And as a bonus, you may find an auto insurance group online that can offer discounts when you upgrade your tires, for example, by installing winter tires for the winter season.

One thing to note about wheels and tire modifications is that they can greatly impact your car’s safety. Therefore, as a precaution, you should only use high-quality wheels and tires with impressive safety ratings. On top of that, you should avoid DIY modifications and, instead, take your car to an automotive repair shop for professional customization.

6. Update Your Car’s Interiors

Interior modifications can offer several benefits, the top being a huge boost in your car’s comfort. On top of that, you can use interior customizations to show off your style and personality and enhance the appeal of your car. Therefore, consider modifying the interiors if searching for more car customization ideas.

One of the top interior customizations you can make to your car is to replace the seats. For example, you can install custom racing seats, improving your car’s comfort and giving it a sleek and sporty look. Of course, custom seats are expensive; according to MotorBiscuit, a single racing seat can cost as much as $3,000. Therefore, if you’re on a budget, you can try a cheaper modification, like installing new seat covers, which can be just as effective in enhancing your car’s style and comfort.

The dashboard is another top area you can modify when customizing the interiors. And you can spruce it up in several ways, for example, by installing a dash cover, an infotainment system, and a new steering wheel. Alternatively, you can hire an auto repair company to remove your old worn-out dashboard and replace it with a new one.

Replacing the AC system is another of the top car customization ideas you can try this summer. A new and more efficient air conditioner can help to keep your vehicle’s interior cooler in the hot weather. It can also improve the air quality, thus, making your car’s interior safer and more comfortable.

You can also customize your car’s interior through several other simple and inexpensive tips. For example, you can change the carpet and floor mats, which can help to keep your car clean and improve its visual appeal. Other excellent ideas include replacing the gear knob, handbrake handle, and pedal covers and installing functional features like USB outlets.

Are you tired of your car’s look or condition? A few simple tweaks may be what your ride needs. With the above car customization ideas, you can improve your vehicle’s aesthetic, performance, safety, and other features, transforming it into the dream car you’ve always desired.