If your loved one has a terminal illness, they may be put in a hospice to ensure their comfort and care in their final days. They don’t want to spend their final days in an emergency room, but rather in a comfortable setting with their loved ones, which is what the hospice provides. The video explains more about hospice care.

If someone you know has been unfortunately diagnosed with a terminal illness, it’s thought of as the end of life. Hospice care, therefore, focuses on maintaining and improving the quality of their remaining life, making them happy and comfortable.

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Symptoms are treated as the disease progresses, and spiritual care is also provided.

The hospice gets to know what the patient likes, such as their taste in music or if they like pets and can therefore provide music and pet therapy. This way, their emotional needs are well taken care of. The hospice also helps prepare the family for their loved one’s demise.

By looking after the patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, their last few days are spent in joy, comfort, and dignity, instead of in a hospital room. Choose one that provides the kind of services your loved one needs.