Are you thinking about hiring a maid service? If you have no experience with this kind of service, the video gives you a visual breakdown of the spaces and things in your house that the maid service will clean. All maid services bring their own tools, equipment, and cleaning products to the house. You should ask any maid service you are considering whether their cleaning products are allergen-free and pet and environmentally friendly.

The workers will wipe down all the walls in your home and remove any cobwebs in the corners. They will also dust and polish your furniture, mop the hardwood floors, and vacuum the carpeting on each floor and on the stairs.

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They will dust ceiling fans and get the dirt and grime out of the bottom corners of your living spaces. The maids will wipe down your interior windows and polish the mirrors throughout the home. They will wipe down the interior and exterior of your kitchen cabinets and your refrigerator and wipe down the table surfaces in your kitchen and dining room. The maids will also collect the trash and empty the bin. In some cases, they will even make the beds if you leave the linen out. Now you know what to expect from a maid service.