If you want to know a bit about pipe fittings, particularly black iron fittings, you should keep reading. The video has all the information you should understand about them and why you should pick good- fitting distributors. Let’s find out more!

Black iron pipes are used for several purposes in Canada such as air, water, oil, and gas. However, black iron fittings are mostly dedicated to natural gas and propane.

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This is because the material is resistant and cheaper. Despite being called black iron, it’s actually mild steel, not iron at all. This material is several times more resistant in both pipes and fittings than aluminum, copper, and PVC alternatives.

It’s used to transport gas because black iron ensures that nothing will leak into the house. Additionally, these fittings are considered low-grade, but they truly shine when it comes to temperature rating, as they can sustain over 538 degrees Celsius. The fittings are also NPT threaded (National Pipe Tapered). Fitting distributors normally carry three types of black iron options: malleable, forged steel, and seamless.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about fitting distributors.