This video explores the reasons behind the formation of scars on the skin. Scars are a natural part of the healing process. They can be round, oval, or irregularly shaped. A linear scar is a relatively straight line that may be red and raised or flat and white. A linear scar may result from cycling, contact sports such as rugby or American football, surgery, etc.

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A linear scar forms when your body repairs damaged tissue by laying down collagen fibers in parallel lines across the injured area.

Your skin naturally forms a scab that protects your wound as it heals. As this scab falls off, it leaves behind a scar in its place. An atrophic scar usually has little color or texture and appears flat and thin. However, it can take several years for the spot to fade away after an injury heals completely.

The body repairs the wound by laying down new skin cells and collagen elastin fibers in the tissue below the skin’s surface. Collagen is a tough protein found in connective tissue that gives strength to your skin, and elastin helps your skin stretch and return to its original shape after being stretched out. The new linear scar tissue is thicker than normal skin and often has a different color than normal skin.