Minecraft is known for its iconic boss battles. Of course, there is the Ender Dragon in the end. However, there is also the Wither as a sort of mini-boss. While these bosses can certainly be challenging, the right armor and weapons will make light work of them. For a long time, players have been hoping for a bigger challenge.

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All players need to do is look to the popular Minecraft Story Mode series to see what could be. The game boasts a terrifying and powerful boss known as the Wither Storm. Unfortunately, this beast has not yet made it into the base game of Minecraft. This all changed thanks to Cracker’s Wither Storm mod for 1.16.5 and 1.18.2 Forge. Now you can fight this powerful boss with your friends if you have the right server hosting.

The Wither Storm is a boss that is summoned at the very center of your Minecraft world. The boss that appears is gigantic. It spans hundreds of blocks and has three terrifying heads. It will devour players and animals alike. As time goes on, the boss gets bigger and more powerful. The only hope for players is to find a weakness. You will have to play the mod yourself to find out!