Fire sprinkler systems are a great addition to any building to prevent and stop the spread of fire, but you may need to install special hazard systems instead of the regular fire sprinklers systems. If you have valuable items you can’t get destroyed with the water from fire sprinklers are you have areas that are more prone to water damage, a special hazards fire suppression system can be a great option for you. These systems are used to put out fires in areas where water damage can occur from fire sprinklers and can cause a lot of damage. Special hazards systems can help stop a fire without damaging property.

Video Source

In this video, experts show you a certain type of special hazard fire suppression system through a test at their facility. They specifically show a high expansion foam test. This foam will smother the fire, causing it to stop. There are different types of expansions you can choose for this type of system, each has a different size of the expansion.

Watch this entire video to learn all about special hazard suppression systems and how they may be a great investment for your company to keep the building and everyone safe.