When you look at a police officer’s uniform, you may notice their police badges. How are these custom police badges made? In this video, an expert will show us the entire step by step process of how these police badges are made. An officer’s badge can show you that they are official and can make any suspect nervous.

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Before the badge is made, the client must fill out an order form to let them know which kind of badge they need to be made and everything that will be on the badge. These specifics could be what kind of metal finish is used and the color of the lettering. Depending on the police force, there are different finishings and colors used for different parts of the department.

In this video, they go through the equipment that is used to make these police badges. This video shows them making a police badge from start to finish. It is a tedious process, but it comes out looking amazing and custom to that police officer. Watch this entire video to see how precise they are with their painting and see how these machines turn a piece of metal into a badge.