Trailers for sales

A “reefer trailer” is a type of trailer that is refrigerated and used to haul goods that are sensitive to temperature. One of the first businesses to utilize a mechanically refrigerated trailer was Baird in the year 1929. Today companies can find quality trailer rentals Ontario companies can offer as well as trailer leasing services that they can count on. Try to find a business that can get you set up with the right rental trailer so that you can more effectively haul goods where they need to be.

The top 5 destinations in the United States for trucking cargo that originates in Canada are Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, California, and Florida. With the appropriate trailer rental businesses in Canada will be able to effectively ship goods where they need to be. Take time to look for the right reefer trailers if you need to send out goods at a specific temperature so that they do not spoil.

Reefer trailers today use several different systems. One type of refrigeration system used in transport, generally on short journeys, is total loss refrigeration, where frozen carbon dioxide ice or liquid nitrogen is implemented during cooling. Redundant refrigeration systems consist of primary and backup refrigeration units that can be used for hazardous materials that are sensitive to temperature. Look for suitable reefer trailers that your company can afford to rent so that you can ship your goods anywhere in the world that they need to be and keep your company running its cargo successfully.