Best motor oil

The Society of Automotive Engineers, or the SAE, establishing numerical grades to classified motor oil per their viscosity. Today, there are API engine oil standards used across the industry to ensure the safe and proper function of a combustible engine. If you do not know a lot about about motor oil, then you probably do not think very often about Api motor oil standards. However, API oil ratings are always on the mind of motor oil technicians. The motor oil technicians with the best API standards training are the ones working at the best oil change places. You can take your car to one of these garages, knowing full well that the members on staff at baccarat edge know all about API engine oil standards. Their knowledge about API engine oil standards means you will get the proper viscosity and weight of oil in your car.

American drivers are responsible for 1.3 gallons of motor oil being used annually. 50 percent of motor oil in Europe gets refined after use, which is much greater than the 10 percent to 15 percent of American oil that gets refined after use. Motor oil can be made from petroleum based chemical compounds or synthesized chemical compounds. There are so many cars driven across the globe that 3.7 billion gallons total worth of motor oil were used during 2009. Be sure to find a reliable garage to manage the changing and proper disposal of your oil.
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