Oil spill pads

An oil spill is a very serious occurrence. Not only is it likely that the environment will be adversely affected but it is also likely that the company responsible for the oil spill will be fined in some manner for violating a federal or state law pertaining to such an occurrence. Procuring the proper oil spill response equipment in a timely manner can significantly reduce the impact faced by such an event.

A turbidity curtain, also known as a turbidity barrier, or a silt curtain, or silt barrier, can be used by a company to reduce the amount of silt containing oil that is released in the area. An oil containment boom and an oil skimmer are the standard when it comes to oil spill response equipment. Used in conjunction with barriers and curtain, a great deal of the oil can be removed or contained in one area. This helps to reduce the effects seen on the environment such as the beaches, water animals and foliage. In addition, the quicker the oil spill is contained, and ultimately removed, the fewer fines and injunctions the company who is responsible is likely to face.