Giffin guitars

The oldest guitar ever to be preserved is a guitar that belonged to Har Mose, who was an Egyptian singer 3500 years ago. This 3500 year old guitar was constructed of cedar wood and rawhide. Today, electric Fender Jazzmaster guitars, electric fender mustang guitars, electric Fender Telecaster guitars, and electric Fender Stratocaster guitars, are all sophisticated options that musicians and guitarists can choose from. There are Fender Tone King Amps for sale online at affordable prices on sites that sell musical instruments. BB King, a famous blues guitarist, named his guitar “Lucille.” BB King’s guitar was rescued from a fire that was started from a fight that broke out over two guys and a woman named Lucille.

In 1970, famous guitar player Jimi Hendrix died. On Jimi Hendrix’s tombstone is carved a Fender Stratocaster. It’s recommended for people to compare several stores online that offer Fender Tone King amps for sale in order to find the best prices and customer service. Leo Fender was a saxophone player, but made Fender guitars. Reading reviews about Fender Tone King amps for sale is highly encouraged, and there are online videos that give people a chance to see how these amplifiers perform. In November 2012, pieces of the bass guitar smashed in pieces for the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” music video was auctioned off for $40,000. Fender Two Rock amps for sale can also be found online.