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On Mother’s Day 2012, both men and women gave flowers or plants as gifts. More men than women bought the them though. Florists St. Paul MN report that 43 percent of the flowers were purchased by men and 34 percent were bought by women. Flowers are always a popular gift. People are also buying funeral flowers Minneapolis. During Christmas there are nearly 50 million poinsettias purchased. Almost three fourths or 74 percent are red. Of course, people also buy the other colors when they are available. They are just not as popular. Most people think that poinsettias are poisonous to both people and animals. Ask any Minneapolis florist and they can tell you that is simply not true. No part of this plant is poisonous.

Here are some interesting facts about funeral flowers Minneapolis. Although it is a tried and true tradition to send funeral flowers Minneapolis, the tradition did not originate here. It started way back, over 60,000 years ago. Archaeologists have taken soil samples around ancient human graves and have been able to determine that flowers were placed by the graves. Sending funeral flowers Minneapolis carries on this long ago started tradition.

Here’s another few interesting facts that Minneapolis florists can tell you about if you care to ask and inquire as to their wealth of knowledge on the customs of giving flowers, and not just funeral flowers Minneapolis. There used to be flower girls who scattered herbs and grain when a couple got married. The stuff they scattered around was supposed to represent fertility. During the Victorian times they changed that custom to carrying flowers down the aisle. The rice and grain still get thrown at the couple after the wedding though, only by everyone, not just flower girls.

If you know someone who has died or a friend who has lost a loved one, send funeral flowers Minneapolis. It will honor the dead and let the living know you are thinking about them during their time of grief. Find out more by searching for info on funeral flowers Minneapolis on the internet today. You can find several florist websites online and some sites allow you to order funeral flowers Minneapolis online today as well. More like this blog.