Organic crib

All a parent wants is for their baby to be safe and healthy at home. Believe it or not, some parents might not realize that they are putting their babies at risk by having them sleep in a regular crib with a latex mattress, when indeed, they are. A latex crib mattress that is not organic emits harmful chemicals that can cause babies to become seriously ill. This is why parents should invest in an organic crib.
An organic crib is hand crafted. It is made out of solid maple wood from Oregon. Typically, a person who purchases an organic crib will also purchase an organic blanket, organic sheets and an organic mattress. Organic mattresses are made from organic cotton, Pure Grow wool or organic latex. Organic latex, unlike regular latex, is non toxic and non irritating to babies skin. A natural mattress is free of harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and vinyl chloride. Also, organic sheets are breathable and made out of one hundred percent certified organic cotton.
An organic crib, which is really a type of organic bed, provides the healthiest environment for babies. Not only is it certified organic, but the mattress comes with a ten year warranty, as well. Now parents can sleep better, knowing that their children are going have sweet dreams every night in a crib that will keep them safe and healthy.