Globalization has given rise to diversity in all respects, be it social, business or cultural. From an organization’s perspective, the working environment is dominated by cut throat competition where the science of Public Relations plays an important role. This art of socialism is regarded as legitimate persuasion, while on the other hand, an intended manipulation by others. This is because, not only does it help improving lines of communication but it has also been used to productively converge the minds, thus rightly being called a successful business tool. Successful Public Relations helps in a smooth running of an organization. This planned exercise helps one to remove and/or overcome the barriers to relationships, resulting in a mutual understanding and fulfillment of common interests.

Public Relations can occur is various forms, however the type depends upon the audience targeted and their wants. Plans can vary from personal presence at a charity and or another event, to more technologically advanced social media. If the target audience is inclined or more sensitive towards a medium such as philanthropic activity, contributing or being part of it adds positively to the relations.

Developing Public Relations by means of social media indicates direct communication with the masses, which even include media personnel. Access to media personnel means a greater chance of directing one’s influence over them. Moreover, the increasing importance and awareness of social and green issues has created the need for organizations to develop their competitive advantage in this area as well. Participating in campaigns for environment awareness and green drives is yet another means by which organizations develop their corporate image and Public Relations.

On an individual level, Public Relations in the High School and university can also be of extreme importance. Relations can help one, in being nominated on various forums as well as at the time of getting recommendation letters for making your way to the higher studies. They are of a major importance at a workplace as well. Business tycoons try to establish their Public Relations with the government. Different public policies issued by the government are likely to directly affect such individuals and their business, therefore there is a need to stay connected. Reciprocally the government has to gain support of such individuals and it goes on to develop relations with them.

In short, developing Public Relations in today’s world, with all interconnected stakeholders, has become of great importance and without it you cannot move ahead in your personal and professional life.