It is easy to grow annoyed by pests invading your home. Fortunately, pest control AZ can come to your rescue. There are several things that pest control AZ can show you how to do in order to keep these pests out of your home.

One thing that pest control AZ suggests that you do is hang a sticky fly strip up or hide one somewhere in your home. If you need to get rid of the bug immediately, you can always use a flyswatter. If you do not have a flyswatter, you can make one out of a rolled up piece of newspaper, a piece of cardboard or a book.

In order to use a flyswatter simply position it approximately 1 foot above the insect. Slowly approach the bug from behind then quickly hit the insect hard enough to ensure that you kill it. You will then need to use either a rag or a piece of paper towel to dispose of the bug in the trash or if you want to make certain that it will not return, pest control AZ recommends that you flush it down your toilet.

Pest control AZ says that an alternative to crushing the bug is to make a spray pesticide out of household products or purchase one instead. To make your own spray pest control AZ says that you should mix 5% orange oil with 95% water. You can also try mixing 10% orange oil with 90% water. Do this in an old spray bottle then shake it well and make sure that you mark on the bottle precisely what is inside of it. While orange oil is not toxic if used externally, if you get it into your eyes or swallow it, it can be harmful. It is also important to note that pest control az says that this will not instantly kill the bugs. Nevertheless, you can use it to spray down the area to keep the bugs from entering your residence again in the future.