Do you have an iPhone? If you do not, I would be willing to bet you know at least 3 people that do. iPhones are everywhere these days, and many people use them to their full capabilities, saving documents for work and personal life on these small, easily broken, and just as easily lost, mobile devices. This is why iphone security is so important. Our iPhones virtually hold our lives in the palm of our hands. If somewhere we to happen to your iPhone, you would probably panic. Investing in good iPhone security is partially Apple’s job, partially your service provider’s job, and partially your own job as well. There are things that everyone can do in the process to make your iPhone security the best it can possibly be.

First and foremost, Apple has a duty to service the public with a well-functioning device that is not easily disrupted by hackers or drops of rain. Apple has put a lot of work into developing these futuristic toys, and I imagine they put a lot of thought into keeping the device safe. iPhone security is one of their primary goals. Second, it is your service provider’s duty to its clientele to prevent hackers from entering their computer base and sending out mass viruses to your iPhone. If the company does somehow get hacked, it is the service provider’s job to notify its clients as quickly as possible, to try to enforce some form of iPhone security to prevent something like a virus from reaching too many clients very quickly. iPhone security then becomes the owner’s job, as you are supposed to keep yourself updated on the software and applications available to help prevent a virus from entering your phone in the first place.

If iPhone security were to fail, we would have a giant mess on our hands as a society. IPhones are the most popular form of mobile device in today’s world, and almost all of its users have something or another that they’ve saved to the device for work or school. Work and school documents are important, and if they are lost there is a good chance you may never get them back. As a society, we need to do everything we possibly can to ensure that iPhone security is a priority and is as strong as it can possibly be against hackers and other possible security threats.