SS Disability Lawyers Help Win Appeals

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Retirees in the State of Florida received a median income of about $13,824 a year. That works out to about $1,152 a month. That was for the year 2010. In 2011, seniors in Florida collected $5$51.3 billion in Social Security benefits, as reported by the AARP. Thankfully, for the nearly 300,000 Floridians at or near the poverty line, the senior citizens at least can rely on Social Security benefits, once they reach the age of eligibility. Relying on Social Security Disability benefits is an entirely different matter however. The majority of first time claims for Social Security Disability get denied. The good news a Social Security Disability lawyer can handle appeals during the claims process so their client’s claims eventually meet with approval.

Senior citizens incur the largest hospital bills and this age group sees three times the rate of hospitalizations as the rest of the age groups do. Each time a senior citizen has to go to the hospital they usually end up paying about $4,605 out of their own pocket for hospitalization expenses. These statistics are quite alarming as the number of people in America who will reach the age of 65 is supposed to increase over the next 20 years. This is a whopping 31 percent more that reached age 65 over the last ten years.

Social Security attorneys take clients all the time who need help filing claims. A Social security disability lawyer can make sure your claim gets a stamp of approval the first time you file. An experienced Social security disability attorney with a good track record is the best type of lawyer to go to. Social Security lawyers are found through referrals from friends, by searching for them online and by going to your local legal referrals’ office. If you are a veteran that needs help filing an appeal for VA disability you should go to a Veterans disability lawyer. Veterans lawyers are available in Florida and you can find them listed on the VA website today. Look for a Social Security Disability lawyer today.

Do Veterans Lawyers Have to Be Accredited?

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Q: Do veterans lawyers have to be accredited in order to represent VA claims?

A: Yes, veterans lawyers must be accredited by the Veterans Administration in order to help veterans prepare, submit and adjudicate claims. Lawyers that are not accredited can provide other advice to veterans, but cannot help prepare, present or otherwise represent their claims. This even applies to pro bono legal services provided to veterans. Be sure to ask veterans lawyers you are considering hiring to help you with your VA claim if they are accredited before you hire them.

Q: What is the regional office?

A: The Regional Office is where a veteran will submit his or her initial application for disability benefits with the VA. There are various Regional Offices throughout the nation. The Regional Office will provide a rating decision on that initial claim after it is reviewed. If a veteran disagrees with any or all aspects of that rating decision, he or she can file an appeal for reconsideration at the Regional Office level or an appeal via the Board of Veterans Appeals. Veterans are not allowed to enter fee based contracts with veterans lawyers until after the Regional Office has provided that initial rating decision. Once veterans have received their rating decisions, veterans lawyers can help them review those decisions and take the appropriate next steps to appeal.

Q: Is there a time limit for applying for VA disability benefits?

A: No, there is no time limit for applying for VA benefits for service connected injuries or conditions. Even if you have been out of the military for years, it is important to apply and not settle for less than the benefits to which you are entitled for your service.