When you need hydration fast, mobile IV therapy can help. As the video points out, many medical services now provide IVs administered in your home, office, or their mobile facility. If you choose the latter, you’ll typically receive your IV in the medical facility’s mobile unit, either a large RV or an extended wheelbase conversion van. The IV administration area consists of comfortable chaise lounge chairs and a television.

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Wearing headphones, each person can choose something to watch on the TV that’s paired with their chair.

A registered nurse administers the IV, which contains water and vitamins. Hydrating by consuming water could take hours and it wouldn’t include the vitamins. With an IV, you receive the infusion of water and vitamins quickly and directly. Your body doesn’t have to process them through typical channels.

Your nurse can add the precise nutritional support you need to your IV. You obtain the vitamin supplements you need and nothing that could throw off your system. These customized treatments result in many immediate health benefits.

A mobile IV treatment increases energy levels and can contribute to improved mental health. Instant hydration helps improve skin, circulation, and cardiovascular health. It can speed up weight loss and help alleviate symptoms of asthma and allergies.

You won’t know how a mobile IV treatment would work for you until you try it. Drip therapy can help with many issues, including hangovers. Schedule an appointment today to try it.