All the people in a lawsuit must be legally notified when legal hearings occur. A process server is often hired to deliver documents to all parties. This YouTube video introduces viewers to a process server and shows what they do during a typical day.

Video Source

If you’re curious about being a process server, this video may be a good example.

Process servers are responsible for presenting legal paperwork to people named in a lawsuit. The guide shows the process server going to people’s homes and delivering documents. In one encounter, no one answered the door, so the process server left his business card under the house door with a note requesting the recipient call him back.
During the video, the process server tries to deliver paperwork to a difficult-to-find person. They inquire at the neighbors’ homes and jobs to find the missing person. The process server in the video loves the job because his efforts are an essential part of the criminal justice system.

This type of job is suitable for someone who can work independently. Professionals also mention keeping your car in a suitable condition and staying in good contact with a quality repair man. He also often networks with lawyers’ offices since they may have new cases for him.