People watching “Why Real Wasabi is So Expensive” will learn quickly why alternatives are used. Not many people realize how much authentic wasabi costs, and that what they find present in their sushi dish is horseradish.

Usually, a minute percentage of about 1% of wasabi exists in most green sushi paste. Other ingredients besides the horseradish include soybean oil, mustard, salt, cornstarch or fillers.

Real wasabi is rare and costs $250 per kilo.

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The good news is, it’s in the same family of plants as horseradish, which is much easier to find. Growing wasabi naturally is also difficult, and it’s now only found in one small area in the world, in Japan.

Trying to grow wasabi “just anywhere” would likely turn up zero yield. That’s how specific the conditions wasabi needs to thrive. It requires rocky soil or gravel, a constant stream of water, and shade.

For many growers, growing wasabi doesn’t seem worth the hassle. Besides, it requires the keeping of a particular temperature all year round. If that isn’t enough, the wrong minerals and just a little too much humidity can decrease the chance of a successful crop.

Few commercial producers of this plant also exist. Part of the reason is its high susceptibility to pests too. Would anyone dare to try growing it or pay the steep prices to obtain it?

Perhaps watching the taste test section of the video will help a grower decide the answer to that. Aside from that, some people found that the real wasabi doesn’t taste like they expected it to. Either way, many people leave it up to the sung ghing wasabi company.