Ultimately, deciding which career to pursue is a highly personal choice and you should make that decision based on your own talents and ambitions. That said, if you enjoy making a difference and want to give back to society, a career as an environmental remediation technician may be a great fit.

Environmental hazards can threaten entire communities, and if they aren’t addressed, these hazards could spread. By leveraging their knowledge, environmental remediation equipment, and various other resources, an environmental remediation expert may be able to contain if not reverse the damage.

Demand for remediation experts is generally high and many folks will find it relatively easy to land a job in the field. Salary and benefits are often quite generous.

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Further, you can work for many different organizations. You might join a federal or state agency, for example. Or perhaps you’ll work with an NGO that focuses on the environment.

Interested in becoming an environmental remediation technician? You may be able to open doors by pursuing various professional certifications. These certification programs can impart a wide variety of remediation skills and may also teach you how to use environmental remediation equipment. This way, you can get off to a fast start in your new career.