O ring manufacturing is important, as O rings keep gases in or out of sealed containers. This is used in different manufacturing processes and in automotive manufacturing. If you want to get started with O rings at home, you can! Keep reading to learn a bit about how custom O rings are manufactured.

You will start with a cylindrical mold that is the size of your desired O ring. Measure the circumference of the circle to ensure that you have the correct measurements.

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Then, you can cut out the desired length of the cord to fit the diameter. To make sure that the edges are flat, cut them with a sharp knife. Glue the two ends to ether with a heavy-duty super glue of your choice. It should be industrial-strength and withstand different environments.

Then, the ring should be fitted around the mold until it sets into a circular shape. For more detailed instructions on how to create an O ring, watch the video in this article. It provides some great insight into the process that can be completed at home. Call a manufacturer today if you need to order bulk O rings. Don’t wait to get started on your next project!