In this video, you will learn about a local urgent care center. They seem like they could be the same thing. Technically, urgent care is the same as a walk-in clinic.

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At a walk-in clinic, you see things like vaccines. They were originally designed for non-insured people. The drawback is that it is only staffed with NPs. There are no doctors. There is no heavy-duty equipment. They are limited with what they can do. Any traumatic injury won’t be able to be treated at a walk-in clinic. The flu could be treated here and minor injury. They also probably have shorter hours and are only open certain days of the week. It is for convenience. Urgent care can handle more trauma. They are staffed with doctors and x-ray machines. Instead of your common cold and flu, you are dealing with broken bones and things a bit more traumatic. Emergency Rooms are much more expensive and generally should be left for critical emergenies. Urgent cares usually have after-hours and weekend hours. Deciding which place is right for you can be a difficult choice. Like anything, find out first which place will insure you. Keep watching this video to learn more.